Jeff DiMarco
2018 Chairman

Dear PABI Members,

I am honored and humbled to serve as your 2018 chairman.  I want to thank members of the nominating committee and the past chairpersons for having the faith, courage, and confidence in me to chair this organization for the next year.  I have much respect for the 13 chairpersons before me and I ask for their guidance in making 2018 a year of growth and prosperity.

The economic downturn in the oil and gas industry we have experienced over the last few years has taken a devastating toll on our Parish.  We have seen businesses that have operated for countless years close, never to reopen.  Our Parish Government continues to struggle with its budget, having to cut employees, and services that we take for granted.  We talk to some of our fellow business owner and hear their stories of how they are cutting employees and services to a bare minimum just to survive. 

But through all of this, BETTER TIMES ARE COMING.

Over the last year and a half there have been some very exciting announcements
concerning significant economic investments in our Parish.  Venture Global (Plaquemines LNG) and Plaquemines Port announced plans to develop an $8.5 billion LNG facility on Port property.  A few months later, American Patriot Holdings, LLC (APH) and Plaquemines Port announced plans to develop an intermodal container terminal in our Parish.  And only a few months ago IGP Methanol announced plans to develop a $2.8 billion Methanol plant near Myrtle Grove. 

Also, over the past 2 years NAS/JRB Command, Plaquemines Parish Administration, and Plaquemines Port have been discussing the possibility of an Air Cargo Facility utilizing the long runway on the base.  The facility would be

located adjacent to the base and be capable of moving large amounts of cargo in and out of Plaquemines Port. 


I have been in Plaquemines Parish for 24 years.   And for that long there has been talk of a new bridge to replace the existing tunnel and bridge. Only talk.  Recently, the idea of a Public-Private partnership has surfaced, using private funds to pay for all or part of the construction of a new bridge.  But this would mean “tolls” would be collected.  And that scares many people away.  I urge you to at least listen to the concept.  This may be the only way we get a new bridge.

All of these announcements are very exciting.  But we have a long way to go until the financial doldrums of the Parish Government and business community see some improvements.  But I have faith that PABI and our Parish leaders can find common ground, put aside any differences, and work together on solutions to move Plaquemines Parish forward.

This is where I need your help!  PABI Past-Chairmen, Directors, and Board are only as strong and effective as our membership.  We serve you.  I urge you to get involved!  Stay involved!  I ask you to encourage businesses to join PABI, increase our membership, strengthen our voice.  A strong, united business community working together with a business- friendly, business-oriented Parish government creates an atmosphere for unparalleled growth potential.  Not just economic activity, but true wealth-building economic growth.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be your 2018 Chairman.  Help me make this year a prosperous one for all!

Jeff DiMarco
2018 PABI Chairman
Plaquemines Pharmacy, Inc.


Michael L. Van Haverbeke, Southland Rental Tools, Inc. – 2017
Robert Hopkins, Whitney Bank – 2016
Denise Buford, New Orleans Iron Works, Inc. - 2015
Jody Guilbeau, Guilbeau, Inc. - 2014
Chad Breland, Land & Marine Security, LLC - 2013
Reid McLellan, Edward Jones Investments - 2012
Mike Ford, Riverbend Nursing and Rehab - 2011
Bart Breland, Barriere Construction Co. - 2010
Mike Bush, Mississippi River Bank - 2009
David Pavlovich, Nairn Concrete, Inc. - 2008
Dale Benoit, Print-ALL, Inc. - 2007
Danica Ansardi, Ansardi Financial Services, LLC - 2006
Bill Bubrig, Bubrig Insurance Agency, Ltd. - 2005


Our association membership of business and professionals has continued to grow and now exceeds 215. Our members include multinational corporations as well as many small business owners. PABI is a non-profit, non-governmental affiliated organization financed entirely by the investment of membership dues and is led by an all-volunteer board elected from the general membership. read more